Folding wheel cart for Wavewalk S4

We developed this new folding wheel cart for the Wavewalk S4 that works well on regular terrain.
You can fold it and carry it inside one of the Wavewalk S4 kayak’s hulls, and it takes very little space on board.
This lightweight trolley can be attached either to the rear or the front of the kayak.

This wheel set fits easily in one of the S4 hulls, leaving plenty of room for passengers and their fishing gear

Come see the new Wavewalk S4 at trade shows in Pennsylvania

January 2018

We will be showing the Wavewalk 500, 700 and S4 from the 17th to the 21st at the 2018 Outdoor Sportsmans Expo at the Lycoming Mall in Pennsdale, PA, and at the Early Bird Sports Expo at the Bloomsburg Fair grounds, PA, from the 25th to the 28th.

Come visit us at our booth and see all three Wavewalk models.
They will be rigged to the hilt, showing the versatility of the Wavewalk design, We will be offering SPECIAL pre season DISCOUNTS on all Wavewalks ordered at the show!
PLUS we have a couple demo models to sell this year.