Kai, another satisfied Wavewalk customer

Thank you for outfitting the kayak with a preparation for cockpit cover.

It was a bit breezy yesterday afternoon — my first time paddling when it wasn’t dead calm. I was pleased at how easy it was to go both into the wind and cross-wise, and that when I wanted to stay still to take photos, it didn’t drift or spin much.
I can’t believe how close I was able to get to the herons without spooking them.

I’m glad I tied a length of twine to the paddle. It has tried to escape a couple of times when I’ve put it down to take pictures. I’ve gotten ideas from the Wavewalk web site for how to keep it in place but haven’t made/tried any yet.

My neighbor came over and tried the kayak out. I told him, “You’d like this for fishing.” And yeah, he did until he heard the price 🙂

I’m having fun with it. Maybe I’ll even take up fishing.

Here are a couple of shots of our local herons. Mr Heron standing on one foot on one side of the lake and Mrs Heron fishing on the other.



Ken paddling a W kayak
Ken testing a Wavewalk





W500 kayak delivered
Fresh out of the box!




Standing and paddling is just awesome

GREAT KAYAK! Not the fastest, but it sure is comfy.
Standing and paddling is just awesome.
Thank you so much again for the delivery.
My brother took some pics & vids. I’ll send them to you when I get them.
Anyone who asks (I get the feeling they will) I’ll be sure to have them give you a call.
Thanks again Joe! I can walk on water! Wavewalk that is!

Tony Schiro, PA


My first time on the water with my W kayak, by Michael Pyle, PA

I’m a nature photographer, and I needed a stable boat that would keep my expensive gear dry. Naturally, I was a little nervous about tipping over in the water. That is how I came to find the W kayak on Google to begin with.

I’ve been in the boat as much as possible since you pulled out of my driveway!
It is absolutely perfect, I have always wanted a small boat but just never felt comfortable in a sit on top kayak. I also never imagined how many comments and attention I would receive at the lake. People were blown away by my ability to stand and paddle, one Guy thought I was some sort of expert….I just laughed and said this is my first time on the water!!!

Mike Pyle

Forsythe NWR-L

Merganser #2-L


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