Come test the S4

We carry the S4 in stock, and you’re invited to come and test this incredible boat!


The S4 in Mud Brown –


Smallmouth on the Allegheny

Hi Joe,

I went down the Allegheny River probably about 7-8 times this summer. Really enjoyed it.
We caught smallmouths mostly.
It wasn’t a banner year. You have to work hard for them. But it was fun.
Learning a lot about what to use and how to go about catching them.

I loaned my W500 kayak to two different guys and took them down the river (I used a standard kayak, which I hate). They love the WaveWalk and I’m trying to get them interested so they buy one. Also went down the river with another W500 owner who loves his WaveWalk.

My WaveWalk got pretty dirty from river water this summer. I need to try to clean it good before putting it up.

Dave Wayman


A 15” er that I caught on the Allegheny.


Pictures from our latest outdoor show

Our booth at the Early Bird outdoor show in Bloomsburg got may visitors and a lot of interest. Below are some pictures showing our selection of Wavewalk TM fishing and hunting kayaks for the coming season –

We look forward to seeing you in our booth at the coming  Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania, February 26th to March 1st.


article-in-the-local-newspaper- fishing-kayak-outfitted-with-electronics-and-safety-light green-kayak-rigged-for-fishing-Early-Bird-outdoors-show hunting-kayak-with-camo-cover-sand-colored kayak-rigged-for-fishing-and-wheel-for-easy-transportation overview-of-HBBCO-booth-at-the-Early-Bird-show sand-colored-kayak-with-electric-trolling-motor-and-fishing-electronics-fish-nets twin-hull-kayak-with-two-swivel-seats-and-camera-tripod two-kayaks-at-the-outdoors-show