Wavewalk did it again with the S4

Wavewalk did it again! I thought the 700 was the best there could be, until we got our first S4, what a great craft to motorize.

In my opinion, this craft is the Ultimate in small craft versatility. It lends itself to any kind of propulsion, paddles, electric trolling motor, and especially a small gas outboard. This thing handles like a dream. She wants to track nice and straight until you turn her, then she can turn on a dime. Now I truly didn’t get a lot of time on the water with her, because we sold her already. Bob wanted her so bad he drove up to PA. from West Virginia to get her. He is in love with his new craft, and the custom rigging we did for him.


HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks


Don Burress, a happy S4 client from West Virginia:





Our trade show schedule for 2016

It’s Sport Show Season!   Stop by our booth and say Hi!

See Wavewalk’s All New 700 series, and check out our various fishing, hunting and motorizing options for the 500 series.

  • January 28th-31st  at the Early Bird Sports Expo at the Fair Grounds in Bloomsburg, PA.
  • February 25th-28th  at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sports Show in Oaks, PA

We look forward to seeing you,

Joe and the HBBCO team







The Wavewalk 700 arrived!

Absolute stability


Wavewalk 700 in Safari colors, outfitted with a preparation for cockpit cover and spray shield, and shown with a TMM 700 Heavy Duty motor mount.


The colors are (top to bottom): Sunshine, Combat, and Safari


Two of the W700 tandem kayaks seen here are outfitted with the W700 Heavy Duty transom motor mount


Here are a couple movies showing the Wavewalk™ 700 in action:

This YouTube video is best viewed in 720 HD (high definition) –