Driving our motorized Wavewalk 700 on the Susquehanna

Here are some pictures of our Wavewalk 700 that we outfitted with a 36 lbs electric motor, and with a 2 HP Honda outboard gas motor.
This is the only kayak can be used with a paddle, or an electric trolling motor, or a gas outboard for propulsion.
As we get older it helps to have an electric or gas outboard to help us go back to the launch.

Pictures from the Susquehanna river –

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Standing and paddling is just awesome

GREAT KAYAK! Not the fastest, but it sure is comfy.
Standing and paddling is just awesome.
Thank you so much again for the delivery.
My brother took some pics & vids. I’ll send them to you when I get them.
Anyone who asks (I get the feeling they will) I’ll be sure to have them give you a call.
Thanks again Joe! I can walk on water! Wavewalk that is!

Tony Schiro, PA