Keith’s Wavewalk 500 motorized with a 3 HP surface drive

Keith Sylvester is a client from West Virginia whose hobby is to explore shallow rivers and creeks, and use an underwater metal detector to find objects dating back to the Civil War and even as far as the War of Independence.
Keith bought a sand colored W500 from us, and outfitted it with a 3 HP motor and a long tail surface drive –


Keith made this platform for his dog


Car-top boat, with the motor attached


Set for transportation


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The Wavewalk 700 arrived!

Absolute stability


Wavewalk 700 in Safari colors, outfitted with a preparation for cockpit cover and spray shield, and shown with a TMM 700 Heavy Duty motor mount.


The colors are (top to bottom): Sunshine, Combat, and Safari


Two of the W700 tandem kayaks seen here are outfitted with the W700 Heavy Duty transom motor mount


Here are a couple movies showing the Wavewalk™ 700 in action:

This YouTube video is best viewed in 720 HD (high definition) –