Wavewalk did it again with the S4

Wavewalk did it again! I thought the 700 was the best there could be, until we got our first S4, what a great craft to motorize.

In my opinion, this craft is the Ultimate in small craft versatility. It lends itself to any kind of propulsion, paddles, electric trolling motor, and especially a small gas outboard. This thing handles like a dream. She wants to track nice and straight until you turn her, then she can turn on a dime. Now I truly didn’t get a lot of time on the water with her, because we sold her already. Bob wanted her so bad he drove up to PA. from West Virginia to get her. He is in love with his new craft, and the custom rigging we did for him.


HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks


Don Burress, a happy S4 client from West Virginia:





Recent kayak fishing tournaments results

I finished 2nd & 3rd respectively in the last two kayak fishing tournaments that I participated in.

Standing up to fish in my Wavewalk 500 is almost an unfair advantage compared to the other guys on their sit on top kayaks. Due to their low and uncomfortable sitting position they just can’t be as accurate when casting, and they sure can’t see their targets like I can when I’m standing in my Wavewalk.
Once in a while some of them stand up for short periods of time, when the water is glass calm, but not all day, like they’re fishing out of a bass boat. Like I can!

2nd place at the Fairview lake fishing tournament
3rd place in this eastern Pennsylvania fishing tournament on the Susquehanna River.

16-inch-bass-caught-in-fishing-tournament fishing-standing-with-sun-in-the back the-lake-during-the-fishing-tournament