My first time on the water with my W kayak, by Michael Pyle, PA

I’m a nature photographer, and I needed a stable boat that would keep my expensive gear dry. Naturally, I was a little nervous about tipping over in the water. That is how I came to find the W kayak on Google to begin with.

I’ve been in the boat as much as possible since you pulled out of my driveway!
It is absolutely perfect, I have always wanted a small boat but just never felt comfortable in a sit on top kayak. I also never imagined how many comments and attention I would receive at the lake. People were blown away by my ability to stand and paddle, one Guy thought I was some sort of expert….I just laughed and said this is my first time on the water!!!

Mike Pyle

Forsythe NWR-L

Merganser #2-L


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