River rat floating down the Susquehanna on a kayak bass fishing trip

The fall feed is on in PA., Here is one of the Smallmouths I hooked, while on a 10 mile float down the West Branch of the Susquehanna, in my Wavewalk kayak.

I stood up most of the time which allowed me to wing a crank bait out and run it through the deep water haunts where the breeders lay.

I had no need to stop, cause I could stand to fish and sit down to relax every so often. This is extremely important to me cause I have gone through three back surgeries and I need to be able to stretch out once in a while so I don’t get stiff.

There was a stiff cross wind blowing up river which would be a problem with any other kayak, but my Wavewalk tracked straight and true even in the cross wind.




Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks at the dam fundraiser for Colyer Lake, PA

The Hawg Buster Kayaks team taking a pause in their field headquarters at the 2013 Colyer dam fundraiser
We were there with all the others, but we looked a bit different…

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aerial_photo_of_kayaks_and_canoes_at_Colyer_lake_PA (2)
If we could fly, this is what we would have seen. Luckily, someone did the job for us, and took these great aerial photos of the event

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We offered over forty test rides in the Wavewalk fishing kayak, and got plenty of people interested. We also used the occasion to present our own transportation wheel for the W kayak:

Transportation wheel for the W kayak

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