Warm words from Dave

Bill casting while standing in his fishing kayak

Dave Wyman got a Wavewalk 500 from HBBCO a while ago, and he sent us a picture of his friend Bill who also owns one.

Says Dave -“My Wavewalk 500 was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and caught a lot of fish. The most fun is drifting down the Allegheny for small mouth.”

Folding wheel cart for Wavewalk S4

We developed this new folding wheel cart for the Wavewalk S4 that works well on regular terrain.
You can fold it and carry it inside one of the Wavewalk S4 kayak’s hulls, and it takes very little space on board.
This lightweight trolley can be attached either to the rear or the front of the kayak.

This wheel set fits easily in one of the S4 hulls, leaving plenty of room for passengers and their fishing gear