Lightweight kayak for stand up and tandem fishing


The Wavewalk™ 500 is lightweight and versatile, stable, and easy to transport.
Best for stand up fishing, and great for tandem applications –

A great collection of Wavewalk™ Kayak pictures on the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania from HBBCO Kayaks:



Coming soon, the 700 Series »

At only 80 lbs, the 700 series is a car top fishing boat that even one person can easily handle, transport, paddle and motorize. Compared to the 500 series, it offers a much bigger load capacity, more room for paddlers, anglers and boaters, and increased speed for motorized boating –


Bassin’ on top water, standing in my Wavewalk 500 (movie)

Here’s a new video of my latest bassin trip –
My Wavewalk got me to a honey hole… The Bass were hungry on a lake where the big boats can’t go. The Top water bite was on, what a blast!
I tied on a chug bug first thing and I caught six but did not get them all on video.
I did manage to get three on video by switching between a do nothing worm & a chug bug. Standing in my Wavewalk I just hammered them. They were taking both with a vengeance. What a morning!